The Uses Of Video In The Corporate World

The use of video in every aspect of our everyday life is endless. In the corporate world as well, the use of video in the corporate world has many uses which range from advertising a product to corporate communications.

Here are a few areas where video is used.


Whether it is through broadcasting commercials on the TV, advertising your product or service on a loop on big screens placed at strategic locations in the city, or simply an online advertisement, video production plays a massive role in getting the message out to the general public to boost brand name or to encourage sales.

It is easier to catch a person’s attention with a video rather than a boring leaflet and so the use of video is widely accepted in this area of the marketing sector of the corporate world.

Product Demonstrations

Video Production plays a big role in product demonstrations. These kinds of videos are used to illustrate the launch of a new product or service to the production team, investors or the media, highlighting its special features and advantages of its use in comparison to the other competitive brands out there.

This is also used to draw attention to the additional factors by which an individual from the general public is quickly turned into a potential buyer. The use of video in this area could be used by the company to its greatest advantage. 

Training Videos

The use of video in the training arena is greatly preferred by trainers and trainees alike. Regular classroom style training methods for long periods of time bore the individuals a great deal. For example, much production based organizations such as garment factories hold classroom style training for their employees for long hours. That is why many organizations prefer to mix in a few video presentations to maintain and retain the employee’s interest in the training program.

Employee Orientations

Employee orientations are usually a long drawn event, which usually includes a member of the human resource team or the head of training and development taking time to welcome the new employees to their new place of work. This occasion is usually lecture based where the person in charge would first welcome the employees and then go onto brief them on the history, the do’s and don’ts and what to expect when working at the selected organization. Weaving video into the orientation makes it less boring and requires less speaking on the part of the individual. He or she would be able to maintain the interest of their new employees and would create a much relaxed atmosphere.

These are just a few uses of video in the corporate world. Looking into other such uses and implementing them in your office would allow you to reap the advantages of doing so.

How To Shoot Portraits At Weddings

There is a lot of money involved in covering weddings and marriage ceremonies. These are high budget affairs and people are willing to spend more in order to get lavish prints and albums created out of the images shot at their special ceremony. For these reasons, a photographer who has experience in the coverage of weddings is usually in high demand. Those who are experienced and have a list of pleased clientele will find their hands full every wedding season.

Different kinds of shots at wedding

There are two distinct sets of shooting styles that are apparent in the works of any wedding photographer. He or she is well aware of the need to capture up close portraits of the bride, the groom as well as the couple. They also need to capture group settings of family members and friends, akin to family photography. The other set of images are usually about events at a wedding like a cake cutting ceremony, the wedding vows, people dancing at the reception and other moments which are caught in the camera lens and not posed for.

Importance of portraits

Though different styles of shots are popular at weddings, the ones that pose for are usually priceless and are portrait shots that are taken of the bride, the groom and others surrounding the wedding couple akin to family photography. These images need to be taken in a prepared manner. The images shot through a portrait style of photography usually are posed for, the right setting for the background and lighting is arranged for and hence, the end result is great and can be preserved as lasting memories of a wedding.

Knowing the right techniques

Those who focus on portrait images will need the bride and the groom to set aside time to sit back against the right backdrop and with the right lighting effects. The images can be shot in daylight or at night time when the photographer needs to arrange for artificial lighting. The use of indirect flash techniques and being able to put the groom or the bride at ease while capturing their images is crucial for the skill of the portrait photographer. Only when the subject is relaxed and captured in optimal lighting the portrait images come out in an accurate manner.

Touch-up techniques

The images that are shot as portraits are usually emphasized upon by the client. They want large prints of the same in differing effects. These can be printed in matt or gloss finish as per the desire of the client. The photographer usually uses different editing techniques in order to enhance certain features of the images or to restore certain aspects in order to hide imperfections of these important gatherings.